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We will soon connect your podcast to your Wisdom profile and direct the Wisdom community to listen. We will also recognize you as an Expert Voice.
Here’s what you can do right now

  1. Answer some questions in the app & share your voice answers on your podcast or social media. This is not only a great way to produce thoughtful content; it will help you get established on Wisdom.
  2. Create a Wisdom talk & grow your following and listeners — Every Wisdom talk is also recorded so you download it and use it on your pod. You can even turn on high-quality recording in Settings. 
  3. Ask other Wisdomers questions — Wisdom is a community. The best way to grow your audience on Wisdom is to interact with other Wisdomers by asking them questions or joining their talks as a guest.

We can’t wait to bring your podcast and your Expert Voice to Wisdom’s listeners! Thank you!!


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