Awesome! You have claimed your podcast on Wisdom!

In the next week, we’ll be adding an additional 500 Mentorcoin1 to your account as a small thank you, and we’ll also be adding your pod to your Wisdom profile.

NOW IS THE TIME to grow your following and community on Wisdom, which will also help to grow your pod.

Here’s what you can do right now

  1. Create a Wisdom Talk & Grow Your Following and Listeners while Earning Mentorcoin — You earn Mentorcoin on Wisdom every time you talk in proportion to the number of people listening.
  2. Join Other Wisdomers as a Guest — Wisdom is a community. The best way to grow your audience on Wisdom is not only to create your own talks but also to join other hosts as a guest, even if for just a few minutes! You may even meet future guests for your pod!
  3. Be Consistent! Try to take the Wisdom challenge! Give a 15-30 min talk once a day and watch your followers and guests grow. You are on the ground floor of the social audio revolution. Every new platform creates new opportunities, and success comes to those show up.

We can’t wait to bring your podcast to Wisdom’s listeners! Thank you!!


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1: To be eligible, you must register a free Wisdom account and then fill out the form to claim your podcast. You will earn the 500 Mentorcoin on creating the account and being made a Top Mentor, which may take up to 1 week to process.